tru, trupela

1. the truth

  • Em i trupela.
    It’s the truth.

2. real, really

  • Em i no waspapa, em i papa tru bilong mi.
    He is not a guardian, he is my real father.
  • Yu harim tru o nogat?
    Did you really hear it?

3. genuine

  • Em i no plastik, em i tru skin bulmakau.
    Its not plastic, it’s genuine leather.

4. very

  • Haus i stap klin tru.
    The house is very clean.

5. to be true to one’s word, to be faithful

  • No ken wari, em bai i kam, em i tru long toktok bilong em.
    Do not worry, he will come, he is true to his word.

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