skin (Tok Pisin)

skin, hide pod, husk, shell, rind

  • skin bilong haus outside wall of a house
  • skin bilong kiau an egg shell
  • skin bilong trausel turtle shell
  • skin bilong kokonas coconut husks
  • skin hat fever, malaria
  • skin guria tremor, shivering
  • skin i guria (skin (be) tremble) to shiver
  • Skin bilong yu i guria o nogat?
    Have you been shivering?
  • skin i hat to have a fever
  • Skin bilong yu i hat o nogat?
    Do you have a temperature / fever?
  • skin i kol (skin (be) cold) to have the chills
  • skin i wara (skin (be) water) to sweat
  • Skin i les.
    I don’t feel like doing it.
  • skin i slek wrinkled skin, to feel weak, tired, lazy
  • skin indai give up, loser
  • Skin bilong yu i sikarap sikarap?
    Is your skin itchy?
  • skin diwai bark of a tree
  • No ken rausim skin diwai. Nogut diwai bai bagarap.
    Don’t remove the bark. Otherwise the tree will be damaged.
  • skin palai lizard skin (used to cover drums)
  • skin pas an envelope
  • Putim pas insait long skin pas na go long pos opis long salim i go.
    Put the letter in an envelope and go to the post office to send it off.
  • Raitim nem bilong em long skin pas.
    Write his name on the envelope.
  • skin pilo a pillow case
  • Senisim skin pilo.
    Change the pillow cases.
  • Yu pilim skin les (olgeta taim)?
    Do you feel tired (all the time)?


1. to look for something

  • Tomas i painim wanpela balus long bus.
    Thomas is looking for an aeroplane in the jungle.
  • Mi painim yet.
    I’m still looking (for it).
  • Mi givap long painim.
    I’ve given up looking for it.
  • painim wok to look for work, to be unemployed

2. to find

  • painim pinis found
  • Mi painim pinis.
    I have found it.
  • Maria i wok long painim galip long maket, tasol i no painim pinis.
    Maria is looking for galip nuts in the market, but she hasn’t found any yet.