1. mother

  • lapun mama grandmother (also tumbuna)
  • wasmama stepmother
  • susu mama wet nurse; madam (when addressing an elderly woman)
  • Mama, yu laikim wanem?
    Madam, what would you like?
  • Mama lo Constitution of Papua New Guinea
  • Papua Niugini i gat banis aninit long Mama lo.
    Papua New Guinea has laws underneath the Constitution.

2. the female owner of a thing

  • mama bilong pik owner of the pig


1. bamboo

  • Bikpeta mambu i stap long gaden.
    A big bamboo plant is in the garden.

2. a flute

  • Em i save winim mambu.
    He knows how to blow a flute.
  • mambu bilong tambaran traditional bamboo flute

3. a pipe, a tube

  • plastik mambu a plastic pipe
  • mambu bilong masket barrel of a gun
  • mambu gumi hose pipe
  • mambu bilong nek gullet
  • mambu bilong blut artery, vein
  • mambu bilong kiau (also paip bilong kiau) ovarian tube
  • mambu bilong win windpipe

man (Tok Pisin)

1. man, husband, person, people (used in combination with many other words)

  • bisnis man a businessman
  • Em i rait man stret.
    He is a very good man.
  • Hamas man i stap?
    How many people are here?
  • Hari em pikinini man.
    Hari is a baby boy.
  • No gat man i stap.
    There is no one here.
  • Mipela pikinini bilong man tu ya.
    We are human beings too.

(name for different kinds of people)

  • lesman a lazy person
  • man bilong ailans a person from the islands area
  • man bilong bikhet a person who plays up
  • man bilong Hailans a Highlands person
  • man bilong nambis a coastal person
  • man bilong pekato a sinner
  • man bilong save (also saveman) a learned person
  • man bilong tanim tok translator
  • man bilong toktok a person who talks a lot
  • man bilong wok a good worker
  • no gat wanpela man nobody
  • sikman a sick person
  • trabelman a person who causes trouble

2. male (distinction of sex in humans and animals)

  • hos man stallion
  • pik man male pig or boar
  • pikinini man young boy
  • dok man male dog
  • kakaruk man cock