1. it (used after long and bilong)

  • Dispela skul i gat planti sumatin long en.
    This school has many pupils.
  • Rausim kaikai long en.
    Take the food out of it.
  • long arere bilong en alongside it

2. him, her

  • Mito lukim papa bilong en.
    Mito sees his father.

(en is often used instead of em when it refers back to the subject of the sentence)

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1. he, him, she, her, it

  • Em i wanpela liklik boi Simbu.
    He is a little Simbu boy.
  • Em i gat 11-pela krismas.
    He is eleven years old.
  • Em i go karim kago bilong em.
    He went and got his goods.
  • Em save raun long taun.
    He wanders around the town.
  • Em i namba wan taim bilong em.
    It was his first time.
  • em yet himself, herself, itself
  • Kamda i paitim em yet.
    The carpenter hit himself.
  • Mi lukim em.
    I see her.

2. this, that

  • em hia this here, that there
  • Em hia rot i go long ples.
    This is the road to the village.
  • em nau!
    (exclamation) there, you see!
  • em ol these, those
  • Em ol i stap.
    Those people are here.

See also: Personal Pronouns in Tok Pisin