1. down

  • Em i kam daun.
    It came down.
  • Kisim i kam daun wantaim yu.
    Bring it down with you.
  • Yu go daun.
    You get off (the vehicle).

2. deep, low

  • i no daun shallow
  • Solwara i daun.
    The sea is deep.
  • ples daun valley
  • Wagi em i ples daun long Hailans.
    Wahgi Valley is a valley in the Highlands.

3. steep

  • rot i go daun tumas a very steep road

4. low

  • Haus i daun.
    The house is low.

dai, indai

1. faint, unconscious, die

  • Em i dai.
    He has fainted, he is unconscious.
  • Em i dai pinis.
    He is dead.
  • Em i laik dai.
    He is about to die or very sick.
  • Han bilong mi i dai.
    My hand is numb.
  • Yu ken dai long smok.
    You can die from smoking.

2. to stop, to cease, to end, to be ended

  • Dispela pasin i dai pinis.
    This kind of custom has ended.
  • Ensin i dai.
    The engine stopped.
  • Klok i dai pinis.
    The clock has stopped.
  • mekim dai lait to put out the light
  • Mun i dai pinis.
    The month has ended.
  • samting bilong mekim dai man deadly thing
  • Tok i dai.
    The matter is settled.

3. to long for, desire

  • Mi dai long wara.
    I am very thirsty.