1. soul

  • Satan i mangalim sol bilong yu.
    The devil covets your soul.

2. salt

  • Dispela kaikai i sol tumas.
    This food is too salty.

3. shoulder

  • Karim basket long sol bilong yu.
    Carry the basket on your shoulder.

4. friend

  • Lois em i gutpela sol bilong mi.
    Lois is my good friend.

FYI: The production and trading of salt has been reported from many parts of PNG. Salt was extracted from sea water, springs and plant ash. To extract salt from springs, grass, leaves or sticks were placed in the spring for a period, then dried and burnt and the ash collected. Where saline springs were absent, people made salt from a number of plants, for example, from the perennial cane grass, Coix gigantea, in the Wonenara area of Eastern Highlands Province. Bars of salt were traded long distances in some inland
locations. It is not known whether these practices still persist as imported salt is widely available, but it is possible that locally manufactured salt is still traded in some places.

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