Serei Eri

Serei Eri (1936-1993), teacher, administrator, writer and Governor-General. (Eri was known by the given name Vincent until he became Governor-General). Born at Moveave, Gulf District, and educated at Catholic mission schools and Sogeri High School, he trained as a teacher and from 1956 to 1962 taught in the Gulf District. In 1962 he became Acting District Inspector of Schools. In 1965 he founded the short-lived Local Teachers’ Association. He entered UPNG in 1967 and graduated B.A. in 1970. In 1971 he became Acting Superintendent of Primary Education and Vice-President of the Papua and New Guinea Society. In the 1980s he was involved with the People’s Action Party (PAP). In 1989 he was appointed Governor-General and knighted. In 1991 he was forced to resign from this post because he contravened the Constitution by refusing to dismiss the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the PAP, Edward (Ted) Diro, who had been found quilty of violating the Leadership Code. Eri is the author of Crocodile, the first novel to be published by a PNGan.

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