Derived from Portuguese word ‘pequeninho’, which means ‘little’.

1. baby

  • Mama i givim susu bilong em long pikinini.
    The mother is breastfeeding the baby.
  • karim pikinini to bear a child

2. a child, son, daughter, niece, nephew, descendent

  • Em pikinini bilong mi.
    He/she is my child.
  • pikinini man/boi son, male child
  • pikinini meri/gel daughter, female child

3. offspring of an animal

  • John i gat sikispela pikinini pik.
    John has six piglets.

4. fruit

  • Mi laik kaikai sampela pikinini bilong mon.
    I would like to eat some New Guinea walnuts.
  • karim pikinini to bear fruit

5. seed of a plant

  • Billy i planim wanpela pikinini mango bilong Rabaul.
    Billy planted a mango seed from Rabaul.

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