1. pain

  • Mi no pilim pen.
    I feel no pain.
  • Pen i stap we?
    Where is the pain?
  • Mi gat pen tumas.
    I’m in a lot of pain.
  • karim pen to endure pain
  • Yu (pilim / gat) pen?
    Are you in pain?
  • Yu pilim pen we?
    Where do you feel pain?
  • Pen i muv o nogat?
    Does the pain move or stay still?
  • Pen i kirap kwiktaim?
    Did the pain come on suddenly?
  • Hamaspela (de / wik / mun) pen i stap?
    How long have you had the pain?
  • Em i strongpela pen tru o nogat?
    Is it very painful or not?
  • Pen i kamap (mobeta / moa nogut) taim yu wokim sampela samting?
    Is there anything you do to make the pain better / worse?

2. to pain

  • het i pen headache

3. paint

  • Mi laikim retpela pen.
    I like red paint.

4. pen, biro

  • Kisim pen i kam inap mi rait.
    Bring the pen here so I can write.

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