1. behaviour

  • Yu no ken bihainim pasin bilong em.
    Do not imitate his behaviour.
  • pasin nogut bad behaviour, evil ways, bad custom
  • No ken bihainim pasin nogut.
    Do not behave badly.
  • pasin tru good behaviour
  • stretpela pasin (also stretpasin) justice
  • pasin birua enmity
  • pasin pamuk prostitution

2. manners

  • Pasin bilong em i nogut tru.
    He has very bad manners.

3. custom

  • Mi no save gut long pasin waitman.
    I am not very familiar with European customs.

4. way of life

  • Mi no amamas long pasin bilong ol yangpela long taun.
    I am not happy about the way of life of young people in town.

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