Melanesian Alliance

The Melanesian Alliance (MA) was formed in February 1980 by a Bougainvillian, John Momis, and John Kapitun from East New Britain, with the support of four other members of the national parliament. Bernard Narakobi, from Wewak, has been a long-time prominent member. In its 1982 election manifesto the MA advocated redistribution of wealth, social justice and devolution of power to the provinces. Until the Bougainville crisis of 1989, the MA was most successful in the North Solomons – Momis’ own province. MA members of the national parliament representing North Solomons electorates have inevitably been involved in the negotiations concerning the Bougainville rebellion. By crossing the floor the MA helped to defeat the Somare government in March 1980 and then, in 1985, save the Somare government. In April 1985 Momis became Deputy Prime Minister. The strength of the MA has decreased in recent years and in October 1993 it was an Opposition party with only five parliamentary members.

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