1. a line, a row, a queue

  • Ol skulmanki i save sanap long lain.
    The school children stand in a line.

2. a coconut plantation

3. a clan, an ancestral line

  • ol lain bilong Kikori the people of Kikori
  • haus lain clan, extended family

4. age-group, grade, group, religious order

  • lain i save experts
  • lain pis a catch of fish

5. to be line; to queue

  • Ol manmeri i lain pinis long beng.
    The people stand in line at the bank.

6. to learn, to study about

  • Meri i lain long samapim klos.
    The woman is learning to sew clothes.

7. a village meeting, to have a village meeting

  • Long ples ol save lain o kibung olgeta Mande long skelim tok long ol kain kain trabel bilong ples.
    Back home people have a village meeting on Mondays to consult about all sorts of village problems.

8. a rope, a cord

  • pislain fishing line

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