1. a desire, a wish, love, will

  • Em i laik bilong em.
    It’s what she wants.
  • long laik bilong em of her own free will
  • laik bilong yu as you wish
  • Mi gat laik long Alan.
    I’m falling in love with Alan.

2. to like to, to want to, to wish to

  • kisim long laik bilong yu to choose
  • Mi laik go long taun.
    I want to go to the town.
  • Mi no laik.
    I don’t want to.
  • no laik tru abhor
  • daunim laik resist temptation

3. to be ready to; to be about to

  • Mi pilim olsem mi laik sik.
    I feel as if I were getting sick.
  • Ren i laik kam nau.
    It is about to rain.

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