1. holim, lukautim

  • to keep a secret holim tok hait
  • to keep the laws holim of lo
  • to keep a promise holim promis
  • to keep someone’s money holim mani
  • I am keeping his money for him.
    Mi holim mani bilong em.

2. keep straight on go olsem

3. keep from (abstain) tambu

  • to keep from smoking tambu long smok

4. Keep quiet! Sarap!, Pasim maus!

5. keep back pasim

  • They kept her back in hospital overnight.
    Ol i pasim em long haus sik long wanpela nait.

6. to keep on doing mekim olgeta taim

  • Don’t keep on talking.
    No ken mekim toktok olgeta taim.

7. to keep clear of klia long

  • keep clear of trouble klia long ol trabel

8. kept by (at) stap long

  • The cars are kept inside the fence.
    Ol ka i stap insait long banis.

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