1. to come up, appear, arrive, grow, become, get

  • Bipo em i liklik, tasol nau em i kamap bikpela.
    He was small, but now he’s big.
  • Em i kamap bikpela nau.
    He’s bigger now.
  • Gras i kamap bikpela gen.
    The lawn has grown tall again.
  • I no inap kamap.
    It won’t happen.
  • San i kamap.
    The sun has come up.
  • ples sankamap east
  • taim dispela i save kamap when this happened

2. to begin

  • Goroka so i kamap long Julai.
    The Goroka show is starting in July.
  • Nupela yia i kamap.
    A new year is starting.

3. to come to, to arrive at, to reach

  • i no kamap yet to be missing
  • kamap pas; kamap paslain long ol to arrive before the others
  • Mi kamap pinis, mi kam kamap.
    I (have) arrived.
  • taim mi kamap nupela when I first arrived

4. kamap ples klia to be revealed, to be in the open

  • Bipo ol tok i stap hait, tasol nau ol i kamap ples klia.
    Before the message was a secret, but now it is in the open.

5. to happen

  • Wanpela samting i kamap.
    Something happened.
  • I kamap pinis.
    It happened.

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