• adjective

1. (only) nating, tasol

  • She’s just a child.
    Em i pikinini tasol.
  • She just wants to sleep.
    Em i laik slip tasol.
  • to have just done mi mekim nau tasol
  • I did not steal it, I just took it.
    Mi no stilim, mi kisim nating.
  • It’s just me!
    Mi tasol!
  • just skin and bone bun nating
  • That is all just so much talk.
    Em i toktok nating.
  • I did not speak, I just sat there.
    Mi no tok, mi sindaun nating.

2. stret

  • just in time stret long taim

3. just coming! mi kam!

4. just like this olsem dispela tasol

  • adjective (fair) stret, stretpela
  • a just man man i stret pinis

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