1. (to live, to be) stap

  • Where is he?
    Em i stap we?

2. i

  • She is a good person.
    Em i gutpela meri.
  • The dog is running.
    Dok i ran.
  • The cat is coming to me.
    Pusi i kam long mi.
  • He is my father / that is my father.
    Em i papa bilong mi.
  • My father is going.
    Papa bilong mi i go.
  • He is going to the village.
    Em i go long ples.
  • He is in the village.
    Em i stap long ples.

3. (question tag)

  • Is it? Isn’t it?
    Laka?, a?
  • He is ill, is he?
    Em i gat sik, laka?
  • He is the teacher, isn’t he?
    Em i tisa, a?

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