1. the inside, the interior (usually followed by a preposition long or bilong)

  • insait bilong han palm of hand
  • insait bilong Palamen inside the Parliament
  • insait wantaim long to take part in
  • go insait, kam insait enter

2. the meaning of something

  • insait bilong tok the meaning of what was said

3. the contents of something

  • insait bilong bek the contents of the bag

4. inside of, within, in, into

  • insait long kantri within the country
  • Tripela i dai insait long wanpela de.
    Three died within one day.

5. to take part in, to co-operated with

  • Opisa i insait wantaim ol long wok.
    The officers co-operated in the work.

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