1. sufficient, enough

  • Em bai no inap helpim yu gut.
    It won’t help you very much.
  • Em inap kaikai.
    That’s enough food.
  • inap long equal
  • i no inap inadequate, incapable

2. to fit, to be the right size or age

  • Manki em inap long vot long ileksen.
    The boy is old enough to role in the election.
  • Su inap long mi.
    The shoe fits me.

3. to be suited for, able

  • Dok i no bin inap long kisim em.
    The dog wasn’t able to get him.
  • Inap yu painim sampela pren.
    Why don’t you find some friends.
  • i no inap impossible
  • no inap mekim fail
  • Ol i no inap win long mipela.
    They are not able to beat us.

4. until, up to about

  • Em i kamap long Mande i go inap long Fraide.
    It starts on Monday and goes until Friday.
  • stap inap long Mande to stay until Monday

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