1. sapos, tasol

  • If you see him, tell us.
    Sapos yu lukim em, tokim mipela.
  • You may go if you work well.
    Yu ken go sapos yu wok gut.
  • If he had come, I could have asked him.
    Sapos em i kam, mi ken askim em.
  • If only I had known….
    Sapos mi bin save….
  • If you want to go, it’s up to you.
    Sapos yu laik go, em i samting bilong yu.

2. i… o i no

  • Did you see if the plane has landed?
    Yu lukim balus i pundaun o i no pundaun?
  • I don’t know if he will come or not.
    Bai em i kam o i no kam, mi no save.
  • Do you know if there is an old man in the village?
    Yu save, i gat wanpela lapun man i stap long ples o nogat?
  • I don’t know if my mother is sick or not.
    Mama bilong mi i sik o i no sik, mi no save.

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