1. holim

  • Kate held the child’s hand.
    Kate holim han bilong pikinini.
  • to hold tightly holimpas
  • to hold down a good job holim gutpela wok

2. to hold a meeting mekim miting, wokim miting

  • to hold a church service mekim lotu
  • to hold a trial mekim kot
  • to hold a contest mekim resis
  • to hold somebody up (criminal activity) hansapim

3. (wait)

  • hold on!

4. to hold somebody up, or hold something back (delay) mekim i kam bihaintaim, pasim

  • They held me back.
    Ol i pasim mi.

5. to hold something up (raise); putim antap, apim

  • Hold up your hand!
    Apim han!

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