1. a half, a piece, a part, a remainder

  • hap tok i tok part of this message is
  • Em i hap stori na hap singsing tu.
    It is half a tale and half a song.
  • givim hap long to share something
  • Mi nupela long Mosbi na mi no save gut long dispela hap.
    I’m new to Port Moresby and I don’t know this area.
  • hap i stap yet remainder
  • hap san yet still daylight
  • Hap su bilong yu we?
    Where is your other shoe?

2. side, direction, here

  • long hap i go on the opposite side

3. place

  • Mi no gat arapela hap bai mi go stap.
    I have no other place to go.

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