1. the hand, the wrist, the palm, the arm, a handle, a branch

  • han diwai, han bilong diwai tree branch
  • han bilong dok paw
  • han bilong singlis o siot sleeve
  • han i hevi clumsy
  • I stap long han bilong yumi.
    It is in our hands/it is up to us.
  • Lusim long han bilong mi tasol.
    Leave it up to me.
  • Mipela i kisim bagarap pinis long han bilong ol.
    We had a lot of trouble from these people.
  • paitim han clap
  • Pas i kamap long han bilong em.
    He received a letter.
  • putim han i go antap put up one’s hand
  • singautim long han to beckon

2. the foreleg of animals

  • Mipela i save kaikai han bilong pik.
    We like to eat the shoulder of pork.

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