• graun bilong gavman government property
  • Gavman i mas senisim sampela lo.
    The government must change some of the laws.
  • Em i wanpela sekreteri bilong Gavman.
    She is a Government secretary.
  • Em i wok long gavman.
    He works for the government.
  • Em i pasin bilong gavman.
    That is a custom of the government. (That is the government way of doing things.)
  • Gavman em i giaman tumas.
    The government is very hypocritical. / The government is lying.

See also: Government of Papua New Guinea


to give, offer

  • givim baksait (give backside) to snub
  • Meri i givim baksait long ol.
    The woman turned her back on them (she showed contempt).
  • givim baptais (also baptaisim) to baptise
  • givim bek (give back) to restore
  • givim bel (give belly) to make pregnant, to impregnate, to love
  • givim sem long (give shame) to embarrass
  • givim glas long (give glass) to take one’s temperature
  • givim gol long (give goal) to score a goal
  • givim gude long (give good) to greet someone
  • givim gutpela tok (give good talk) to advise
  • givim maus long (give mouth) to sass
  • givim nating (give nothing) to give for nothing
  • Em i givim nating long mi.
    She gave it to me for nothing (free).
  • givim nem to name
  • givim pen to punish
  • givim promis (also promisim) to promise
  • givim skul (give school) to instruct
  • givim stik long (give stick) to punish
  • givim tok nogut (give talk no good) to use bad language
  • inap long givim to afford, to be able to give
  • Mama i givim kaikai long pikinini.
    The mother gave food to the child.
  • man i save givim ol samting generous man
  • Meri i no bin givim mi wanpela samting.
    The woman didn’t give me anything.
  • Tisa i save givim gutpela toktok long ol sumatin.
    The teacher encourages the students.


1. to have, to own, to possess

  • gat dinau (got debt) to owe someone something
  • gat kot (got court) to be on trial
  • gat trabel (got trouble) to be in trouble through one’s own fault
  • Meri i gat bel.
    The woman is pregnant.
  • Mi gat ka.
    I own a car.
  • Mi gat bel hevi.
    I have a complaint.
  • Mipela i gat rait long stap.
    We have a right to stay.

2. there is, there are (see no gat there is/are no, nogat no!)

  • I gat wanpela meri long haus.
    There is one woman in the house.

3. a guard, to guard (also wasman)

  • Gat i slip na em i no wok.
    The guard is asleep and he’s not working.


1. a lie, nonsense

  • Ol i tok giaman long mi.
    They told lies about me.

2. to lie, to deceive, to pretend

  • Em i no save giaman.
    She doesn’t lie.

3. false, to be false

  • Em i mekim bikpela giaman.
    He made a big false display.
  • giaman lek false leg
  • Papa i sapim giaman banara bilong pikinini bilong em.
    The father carved a pretend bow and arrow for the child.
  • pasin giaman the habit of lying