Emma Forsayth

Emma Eliza Forsayth (1850-1913), Samoan entrepreneur, trader and plantation owner (also known as “Queen Emma”). Emma Forsayth was educated in Sydney and San Francisco where she married James Forsayth. By 1878 she had left Forsayth and moved, with her de facto husband Captain Thomas Farrell, to Mioko in the Duke of York islands, northeast of the main island of New Guinea. There they established extensive copra plantations and, by 1884, when the Germans annexed the northeast of New Guinea, they were prosperous settlers. On Farrell’s death in 1886 Emma inherited the property. In 1893 she married Captain Karl Paul Kolbe. In 1907 she transferred part of her flourishing commercial empire to her son Coe Forsayth and moved to Australia. In 1913 she moved to Monte Carlo, France, where she died.

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