adverb, adjective bipotaim

1. (in the morning) moningtaim

  • an early start bipo long taim
  • in the very early morning long moningtaim tru, long bikmoning
  • to get up early kirap long moningtaim tru

2. It’s too early. Em i na taim yet.

3. (for an appointment)

  • Hani likes to be early.
    Hani i laik kam bipotaim.
  • You’re early!
    Yu kam bipotaim a!

4. taim bipo (one of the first)

  • in the early days long taim bipo

5. We should make an early start. Mipela mas kirap long moning tru na go.

6. School finishes in the early afternoon. Skul i pinis klostu long apinun tru.

  • in the early hours klostu long tulait

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