adjective, noun

1. wanwan

  • Each person got a mango.
    Wanwan manmeri i kisim wanpela mango.
  • I gave each one a plate.
    Mi givim plet long wanwan.
  • Each one collected his wages.
    Ol wanwan i bin kisim pe bilong ol yet.
  • each time wanwan taim

2. each other tupela yet, yumi yet, mi(tu)pela yet

  • How did the two of them cut each other?
    Olsem wanem na tupela i katim tupela yet?
  • The two of us see each other.
    Mitupela i lukim mitupela yet.

3. two each tupela tupela

  • Give the children two balls each.
    Givim ol pikinini tupela tupela bal.

4. three each tripela tripela

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