1. overcome, to put down, defeat

  • Sik TB i daunim planti manmeri.
    TB overcame many people.
  • Yumi mas daunim ol pasin nogut na kranki tingting.
    We must overcome our sinful behaviour and erroneous ways of thinking.
  • daunim spak pasin to overcome a drinking problem
  • daunim tok (down talk) to suppress gossip

2. to lower, to put down, swallow

  • daunim kaikai (down food) to swallow food
  • Meri i daunim kaukau.
    The woman swallowed the sweet potato.
  • daunim sel (down sail) to lower the sail

3. to humiliate someone

  • daunim hambakman (down humbug man) to humiliate a show off, to humiliate a braggart

4. daunim yumi yet to be humble

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