• noun singaut, krai, kolim, kolim long
  • a bird’s call singaut bilong pisin, krai bilong pisin
  • verb

1. singaut, singautim, krai

  • to call the doctor singaut long dokta i kam, singautim dokta
  • They called the police.
    Ol i singaut long polis, ol i singautim ol polis.
  • The baby is calling for her mother.
    Pikinini i singaut long mama bilong em.
  • He called like a bird.
    Em i krai olsem pisin.
  • to call for singautim, singaut long
  • Call everyone!
    Singautim olgeta!

2. (to name something)

  • This is called a cabbage.
    Dispela samting ol i kolim kabis.

3. what is this called? Wanem nem bilong dispela samting?

4. to call a child a name putim nem long pikinini

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