• pronoun tupela, wantaim, tupela wantaim

1. both of them tupela

  • Both the mother and child will go.
    Mama wantaim pikinini bai i go.

2. both of you yutupela

3. both together tupela wantaim

  • They both went.
    Tupela i go wantaim.

4. both of us yumitupela (includes the listener), mitupela (exclude the listener)

  • Both of us are afraid (but not the listener).
    Mitupela i pret.
  • adverb wantaim
  • both at home and at school long haus na long skul tupela wantaim
  • both in the dry and wet seasons long taim bilong drai na taim bilong ren wantaim
  • to take both pencil and paper kisim pensil wantaim pepa

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