1. to follow, to obey, to copy, act like

  • bihainim maus (behind mouth) to repeat after the speaker
  • Em i bihainim maus bilong tisa.
    He follows the teacher’s words.
  • Bihainim maus bilong mi.
    Repeat what I say; repeat my words.
  • Ol i bihainim rot.
    They followed the road.
  • Ol raskol bihainim em.
    Rascals followed him.
  • bihainim lo bilong gavman to follow the law
  • bihainim tok (behind talk) to follow instruction
  • No ken bihainim pasin bilong pikinini!
    Don’t act like a child!

2. bihainim lek mak to track

  • Em i bihainim lek mak bilong muruk.
    He tracked the cassowary.

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