1. damaged, spoiled, ruined, broken

  • bagarap olgeta to be completely wrecked, to be demolished
  • Balus i bagarap.
    The plane is wrecked, the plane crashed.
  • Kanu i bagarap.
    The canoe is damaged.
  • Kaikai i bagarap.
    The food is spoiled.
  • Balus i no orait tumas, em i bagarap liklik.
    The plane is not good, it has some damage.
  • Rais i no gutpela, em i bagarap olgeta.
    The rice isn’t any good, it’s spoiled.

2. to be badly hurt or injured

  • kisim bagarap long birua hurt by an accident
  • Lek bilong em i bagarap.
    His leg is badly hurt.
  • Planti manmeri i bin kisim bagarap.
    Many people were badly hurt.

3. not working properly

  • Ka i bagarap.
    The car isn’t working.
  • Masin i bagarap.
    The machine is out of order.

4. very tired, feeling sick

  • Mi bagarap tru long kus.
    I am feeling sick from a cough.
  • Mi bagarap pinis.
    I am very tired; I am sick; I am done for.

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