1. (not good) nogut

  • bad weather taim nogut

2. (serious) nogut, bagarap

  • a bad accident bagarap nogut, bikpela bagarap
  • a bad illness sik nogut
  • a bad place (dangerous, unsuitable, rugged) ples nogut

3. (rotten) sting pinis

  • bad meat abus i sting pinis
  • to have bad breath maus i sting
  • to go bad sting

4. (rude) bad language tok nogut

  • to use bad language givim tok nogut, toknogutim

5. (naughty) bad behaviour pasin nogut, mekim samting nogut, rong

  • I didn’t do anything bad.
    Mi no wokin wanpela rong.

6. too bad! sori tumas!

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