1. samting, wanpela samting

  • Is there anything I can do to help?
    I gat wanpela samting mi ken helpim yu long wokim?
  • not anything no gat wanpela samting
  • There isn’t anything on the table.
    No gat wanpela samting long tebol.
  • I don’t want anything.
    Mi no laikim wanpela samting.
  • I didn’t see anything.
    Mi no lukim wanpela samting.

2. have you got anything to say? yu gat wanpela tok?

  • not anything nating
  • He is going without anything.
    Em i go nating.
  • The men who don’t do anything will not get any pay.
    Ol man i save sindaun nating, bambai ol i no ken kisim me.
  • Yesterday I did not do anything.
    Asde mi stap nating.

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