1. on top, up, above, surface, upwards

  • Balus i go antap.
    The plane is taking off.
  • Skul fi i go antap.
    School fees are going up.
  • Prais bilong ol kaikai i go antap pinis.
    The price of foodstuffs has gone up.
  • Wokim glas i go antap.
    Wind up a window.
  • I gat sampela haus i go antap tru long Mosbi nau.
    There are some very high buildings in Port Moresby now.

2. the top, the surface

  • antap bilong maunten summit of the mountain
  • go antap long diwai climb a tree
  • han antap forearm
  • lek antap upper leg
  • sikau bilong antap tree kangaroo

3. as well as, in addition to

  • Antap long em, ol i bin kaikai moa.
    As well as that, they ate a lot.

4. superior

  • Mi antap long yu.
    I am superior to you.

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