1. meat, protein (see also: Meat Consumption in Papua New Guinea)

  • Kakaruk na pik, em ol gutpela abus long kaikai.
    Chicken and pig are good meat to eat.

2. animal

  • I gat planti kain kain abus long bikbus.
    There are many kinds of animals in the deep jungle.

3. easy mark

  • Ol i abus bilong mipela.
    They were an easy mark for us.

4. (hunting) game

  • Em i go painim abus long bus.
    He went to hunt game in the forest.

5. Something that is experienced often and is much liked, that one ‘has for breakfast’

  • Singsing em i abus bilong mi.
    Dancing is my delight, it’s my thing.

6. (warfare, fighting) former cannibal victims (this cannot be said of enemies where cannibalism was not prevalent)

  • ol hap lain – abus bilong mipela!
    The other tribe, we could raid and eat them whenever we felt like it!

7. game, garnish, side-dish, anything used to add to or supplement the main dish (Generally this is some kind of meat or game but may be greens or anything else)

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