abrus, abrusim

1. to the side, away from

  • Em i sanap abrus long ol.
    He stands to the side.
  • Em tokim ol, tasol tok i go abrus.
    He told them but they missed the point (the talk went to the side).

2. to miss

  • Mi sut long pisin tasol mi abrus.
    I shot at the bird but I missed.
  • Spia i abrus long mi.
    The arrow missed me.
  • Mi makim em, tasol abrus.
    I aimed at him, but I missed.
  • Katres i abrus long manki.
    The bullet missed the boy.

2. to avoid, evade, dodge, to keep away from

  • Yumi mas abrusim sik.
    We must avoid getting sick.
  • Yu abrusim mi, o?
    Are you trying to avoid me?
    Mi abrusim spia bilong ol.
    I dodged all their arrows.
  • abrusim dispela trabol avoiding this trouble
  • Mi no gat rot bilong abrusim dispela wari.
    I have no way of avoiding this worry.

3. to pass, to go past, overtake

  • Mi abrusim em long rot.
    I passed him on the road.
  • abrusim ka overtake a car
  • Yumi abrusim dispela wara pinis.
    We’ve already passed that creek.
  • Kar i laik abrusim bas, tasol dravia i no lukluk gut.
    The car wanted to overtake the bus, but the driver wasn’t looking properly.
  • Maski rot i klia , tasol ol i no ken abrusim narapela ka.
    They should not overtake another car even if the road is clear.

4. abrus long apart from

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